Why Bulgaria

We offer you to consider maintaining presence in a low tax territory as the only viable and secure solution instead.

Bulgaria is one such location and below we list the key benefits of choosing thi


Purchase procedure

Buying a house in Bulgaria step by step
This article details the purchase procedure for buying a home in Bulgaria, which is slightly different from that in most Western countries. Although relatively


Shelf Companies

When time is of essence you can choose a company from a selection of ready-made shelf companies that have never traded before. As soon as a company is purchased we transfer both its equity shareholdin


Registered Address

Registered address is a pre-requisite for establishing a company. We can provide you with a decent one either on a temporary or permanent basis.

You may use the registered address as the effective


Company Formation in Bulgaria

A foreign or Bulgarian person (judicial or physical) has the right to form a Bulgarian company. The person/persons will be liable for the company’s obligations to the value of his/hers share in the co


Accounting and Filing

Owning and managing a Bulgarian company gives rise to a range of legally set accounting and filing requirements. We can help you meet those and perform the routine tasks for you. Our service is focuse


A Guide to Tax in Bulgaria

Tax Residency

A person is liable for taxes in Bulgaria if they fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

Have a permanent address in Bulgaria.
Spend more than 183 days in Bulgaria withi


Company liquidation procedure

A procedure of ‘closing’ of a trade company in Bulgaria is called liquidation of the company and this procedure is approved by the Trade Law of the Republic of Bulgaria which regulates all the require