Summary of the Bulgarian Tax Legislation

I. CORPORATE TAXThe current Corporate Tax Law (CTL) entered into force on January 1, 2007 (last modified on August, 13 2019). The Law establishes in art. 1 that the benefits of local entities, as wel


Why Bulgaria

We offer you to consider maintaining presence in a low tax territory as the only viable and secure solution instead.

Bulgaria is one such location and below we list the key benefits of choosing thi


Purchase procedure

Buying a house in Bulgaria step by step
This article details the purchase procedure for buying a home in Bulgaria, which is slightly different from that in most Western countries. Although relatively


Shelf Companies

When time is of essence you can choose a company from a selection of ready-made shelf companies that have never traded before. As soon as a company is purchased we transfer both its equity shareholdin


Registered Address

Registered address is a pre-requisite for establishing a company. We can provide you with a decent one either on a temporary or permanent basis.

You may use the registered address as the effective


Company Formation in Bulgaria

A foreign or Bulgarian person (judicial or physical) has the right to form a Bulgarian company. The person/persons will be liable for the company’s obligations to the value of his/hers share in the co


Accounting and Filing

Owning and managing a Bulgarian company gives rise to a range of legally set accounting and filing requirements. We can help you meet those and perform the routine tasks for you. Our service is focuse