Corporate and Commercial

Company Law and Foreign Investment

Kirilova Law & Associates is involved in the fields of foreign investment, corporate and commercial transactions. Kirilova Law & Associates advices the clients on structuring their contemplated corporate investments in Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy and Luxembourg. Hence, it has considerable experience with respect to the establishment of joint ventures between foreign investors and their local business partners.

Corporate practice of Kirilova Law & Associates also covers giving legal advice on mergers and demergers, acquisitions, fusions, transfer of businesses and shareholdings, establishment, operation and liquidation of joint stock companies, limited partnerships, branches and liaison offices.

Kirilova Law & Associates also advises on corporate governance issues.

We are well equipped with in-depth knowledge and professional skills for conducting due diligence exercises, structuring corporate establishments, drafting share purchase and shareholders agreements and obtaining the approvals in respect of mergers and acquisitions.

The government permits, incentives and taxation are also within the corporate practice of Kirilova Law & Associates.


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