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Welcome to Kirilova Law & Associates where your interests are at the heart of our practice. Kirilova Law & Associates is a legal and accounting practice, offering a personal service to individuals and companies, putting their interests first. We are a law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. During the years we built our reputation based on the results of our clients.

We provide practical solutions for complex problems and we offer the level of quality and service that you expect. Our professionals are leaders in their field and our practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories. We realize that every case is different and therefore treat every client as an individual, working hard to protect their rights and help them gain the maximum compensation possible. We strive to reach a level of success where clients come back to us time and time again for further services and recommend us to their friends and family.

We provide our services to a wide range of people and entities based all over the world. We have close links to law firms in Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Romania, Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, United States and Mexico.

We speak Bulgarian, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

What you need to know when buying a car from the European Union

Checking the price, as well as whether the dealer and the car actually exist, are the first things you should verify when deciding to buy a car. Practice shows that buyers are mainly interested in

Which elements of the contracts are to be interpreted?

The Supreme Court of Cassation reviews the established case law and concludes that the provision of Art. 20 Law of obligation and contracts requires the interpretation of contracts to seek the actu

Buying Property in Bulgaria Make Attention When Buying a Property in Bansko

Buying property is not about
having good time, but about reading dull texts.

1. The first thing you must do is
to have the preliminary contract
examined by a lawyer. Remember, when you are signi