About Us

Kirilova Law & Associates with its network in all over immediate legal advice, tax assistance and business help to our clients.

At Kirilova Law & Associates, we are committed to delivering exceptional client service across our four service lines – Litigation, Tax, Advisory and Transaction Advisory Services.

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Kirilova Law & Associates works to provide maximum satisfaction to its clients by tailor-made and value-added solutions to their needs.

We are also patent and trademark attorneys and we represent clients in the area of intellectual property rights including the registration of trademarks and patents in Bulgaria, EU and United States.

Our Expertise is the legal advice, business consulting, administrative business services, bookkeeping, accounting, tax consulting, automotive & transportation.

Our Focus is the local and cross-border consulting.

We are specialist in the Business Advisory

No matter what accounting support may mean for your business we can provide it accurately, effectively and consistently.

General Accounting

  • Research, organization and initial establishment of accounting departments.
  • Reorganisation (applying contemporary methods) of accounting systems information technology.
  • Adjustment of the Chart of Accounts to the needs of every company.
  • Compliance with the International Accounting Standards.
  • Introduction of EURO.
  • Reporting Systems, short-term operating results.

Financial indices, financial analyses.

Cost Accounting

  • Allocation of the company’s operations.
  • ABC costing.
  • Reports to the company’s management on the cost of operations and activities.


Labor relations – Payroll issues

  • Consulting services with regards to labor legislation.
  • Payroll services.


Corporate Taxation Issues

  • Tax law compliance.
  • Control system for taxation obligations.
  • Tax consulting services.
  • Preparation and conducting of tax audits.
  • Fiscal representations.

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