Shelf Companies

bulgaria shelf companies

When time is of essence you can choose a company from a selection of ready-made shelf companies that have never traded before. As soon as a company is purchased we transfer both its equity shareholding and management control to the new owner. All of our pre-registered shelf companies are free of any liabilities, liens and charges. Thus our pre-registered shelf companies offer the same level of security as the ones formed as a result of customer order.

Shelf Company Name Change

Brands and trade names are important. You may prefer them to reflect the nature of your business, the names of the founders, the origins of the enterprise or any other concept that will distinguish your trade from others in a unique and original way. We can change a purchased shelf company name to one preferred provided that it has not already been taken or reserved by someone else. We normally ask you to provide us with two other alternative names in case your name of choice is not available.

For further information, please contact Kirilova Law & Associates.

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